Navigating nonGMO Verification

Verified nonGMO ingredients are becoming a pre-requisite for success in the Natural/Organic/Specialty channel. 

Navigating nonGMO Verification is a service offered by The Tim Sperry Group to assist companies through the verification process.  We help companies assess the risks, prioritize their products  and streamline the process wherever possible.

Questions we can help you answer:
  • Where do I start? What ingredients will present the most challenges? Are there ingredients on the horizon of being produced with Genetically Engineered seeds, that might affect some of my products? 
  • Who is the best person in our company to work through the process? 
  • Are there suitable replacements to my current ingredients that will allow me to get verified?
  • Will my co-packer support my efforts?
  • How can we identify best practices for handling these experiences/challenges? How can we benefit from shared knowledge and experiences?

Tim Sperry brings his experience of working with companies  of different sizes as they manage the issues surrounding nonGMO verification. Let The Tim Sperry Group assist you in navigating this complicated process, so you are more free to focus on your current business.